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The Woman I Kept To Myself

(Chapel Hill:
Algonquin Books, 2004)

This is my first collection of poems in nine years! But the poems gathered here are ones I have been writing all along as I work on other books. For me, poetry is that cutting edge of the self, the part which moves out into experience ahead of every other part of the self. It's a way of saying what can't be put into words, our deepest and most secret and yet most universal feelings. I actually started writing these poems in thirty lines as a birthday poem for my fortieth birthday. A way of assessing where I had come from, where I was going. But after I had thirty poems together, and my fortieth birthday had come and gone, I kept writing. I thought, well, I'll write forty poems for my fiftieth. . .

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At any rate, these seventy-eight poems are the meditations of a woman trying to understand this moment in the middle of my life by looking back with new perspectives at my younger years and looking ahead at the unknown I have to sing to understand. . . What more can I tell you? As I said, poetry is how we say what can't be put into words or into short e-summaries, either.

further reading: Interview with Julia Alvarez in Latina Magazine, April 2004


New and Collected Poems

(New York: Plume, 1996)

My first love has always been poetry. This collection is actually a reissuing of Homecoming, published in 1984 by Grove Press, now out of print. All the old poems from the first edition are here as well as newer work. I wrote an afterword for this second edition, recalling how I freaked when this, my first book, was published. I wanted to go out and buy all copies of the book before anyone could read it. I laugh now, but it reminds me how terrified we women were in the not so long ago past to have public voices.

further reading: "Traditional Form and the Living, Breathing American Poet," Fred Muratori -- an essay on contemporary sonnets including "33," in New England Review and Bread Loaf Quarterly, pp. 231-232, Winter 1986
Homecoming: New and Collected Poems by Julia Alvarez
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The Other Side/El Otro Lado

(New York: Dutton, 1995)

Although this book includes some shorter lyrics, most of it is made up of two longer, narrative poems: "Joe," which follows a failed love affair; and the title poem, "The Other Side," a kind of female Odyssey in which a woman with a trail of failures in the U.S.A. returns to her childhood homeland and ends up living in a small fishing village on the other side of all she knows.

The Other Side/El Otro Lado a book of poetry by Julia Alvarez
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