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I started this website by saying I started a website because I just couldn't keep up with the mail myself! I wish I could respond to all the personal mail I receive, but if I did, I couldn't keep writing my books. I do appreciate your interest, and I hope I have answered many of your questions on this site.

If you have questions, try my NEWS page or hunt up some of my Articles & Interviews. If that's not enough, you can always search for interviews and articles on GOOGLE or get a hold of my book of autobiographical essays, Something To Declare or Once Upon A Quinceañera. Many readers have found answers to their questions there.

Or come to one of my readings! Check my Appearance Schedule to find out when I might be in your area.

Please do sign my Guest Book & feel free to include your personal message. I do try to read every piece of communication sent to me, even if I can't always respond.

I will consider all requests for readings, workshops, conferences and speeches, so if you are interested in scheduling a reading or talk, or if you wish to request permission for the use of my work, please contact my agent, Stuart:

Stuart Bernstein
Representation for Artists

63 Carmine St. 3D
New York, New York 10014
phone: 917-864-1532

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Julia Alvarez: official author website

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